Comax Sign Language 

Woo, this is a good one. Supplied via Yvonne, this list is another from Comax in Canada.

The list lists:

  • Picture
  • Bank – Thai $$
  • Milk 
  • Pizza

Yvonne says that the picture reference is to get some new glass for a picture, I wonder if this is a photo, print or painting?

The Bank reference is to pick up some Thai dollars for the author’s hairdresser who is shortly to go on holiday to the East.

The milk and pizza are the normal items on this exciting list.

So the question is, what does the sign language say in the picture behind the list???

Found in Aldi, Comax, British Columbia, Canada

2 thoughts on “Comax Sign Language 

  1. Since no one has answered your question about the sign language, I asked Alida and she said it’s the sign language alphabet.

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