Polident For ‘Our Night’

Lovely dotty ‘Donut Forget‘ note paper for making lists. It is good to see some purpose made paper used. And with a foody theme.

Cat owner

This person needs Polident denture cleaner for ‘our night’. Fancy. Something to look forward to.

Strange mix of capitalisation with CRackers.

Other items include crackers, large storage bags and eggs. A good quality shopping list here.

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

Saltine Crackers

Yellow Post-it Note shopping list. The list has been written in several sittings with pen and pencil. There are some cryptic numbers on the right hand side which have been crossed out.

I had not heard of Saltine Crackers in the UK. But, sure enough, here they are: https://amzn.to/3W9Hs0n

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

The Best Hand Writing On A List

I wish I could write in this style. Clear, large hand writing. Fantastic.

A short list. Maybe this person has a cold, they need medicine and Kleenex. Interestingly in the UK we refer to ‘tissues‘ rather than the brand Kleenex.

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

What is Iso Alcohol?

“Iso, Isopropanol, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid that is a major component of rubbing alcohol as well as regular household items such as cleaners, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers; it also can be found in pharmaceuticals.”

If you need some Isopropanol (iso) alcohol, you can buy it over the counter in the UK, even from Amazon https://amzn.to/3IMydAe

There is a lot to look at on this tiny shopping list. Small writing in 3 colours shows this person had a busy day. They went to the bank to pay some bills, they then went to Target for some iso-alcohol… before going to Walmart where they picked up their groceries.

After they finished with the Iso Alcohol for their cleaning, they could start on the drinking with their Jim Beam.

Wednesday 27th April 2022

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

Eggland’s Eggs & Canadian Bacon

Eggs and bacon for breakfast with specified types, Eggland’s eggs and Canadian Bacon. A full letter sized yellow lined shopping list.

An experienced shopping list maker here with crossing off, dividing lines and item quantities. Brands and types of groceries are closely specified, e.g. sugar free jello. This person is looking after their health, lots of low sodium, low fat, low sugar purchases.

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

Grocery List Collection From The USA

I am very pleased to say that TheShoppingLists.com has received its largest ever donation of found shopping lists. What is more, this is an award winning collection.

The lists have come from La Mesa in California and have been kindly donated by Loraine who got in touch via email.

This grocery list collection was entered in to the collections exhibit at The San Diego County Fair and won first prize in the new collections category. In her own words, Loraine says:

These shopping lists were collected from July 2019 until the Summer of 2020. It started when I kept finding discarded grocery store shopping lists at my local Walmart Neighborhood in La Mesa. I enjoyed seeing bits of people’s personalities and figured I better start saving them to make a collection for the San Diego County Fair.

Whenever I would go to that store I would look around the parking lot, often finding one or two lists either on the ground or left in a shopping cart.

After the pandemic started, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep picking them up, but I didn’t have to worry much because I soon stopped finding them. I’m curious as to why that was. I have held on to these lists for these past two years, until now.

In total there are 72 lists, all from Walmart Neighborhood in La Mesa.

These very special shopping lists will be posted here over the coming months. There are some gems to look forward to.

Thank you so much Loraine!

You can see some of Loraine’s photography portfolio on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/relearningphotography/

If you also have some shopping lists you wish to share, please get in touch via the email address here.

Pacific North West, USA

This is the first list on www.theshoppinglists.com from the United States.  Woo!

The list was very kindly donated by Rockie from Portland, Oregan.  My guess is that this is a top up shop rather than a large weekly visit.  Items on the menu for the next couple of days could include a salad with lettuce, cucumber? Maybe some Mexican food with the rice, beans and salsa and bagels with cream cheese for lunch?

I had never heard of Mr Stubbs and his BBQ sauce before so here is more info for those who are interested: http://www.stubbsbbq.com/

Apparently, “This is the real deal, the original.  And its tangy tomato, vinegar, molasses and black pepper are gonna treat you right.”

Rockie has great handwriting but in case you need help making it out, the items are:

Salad, Olive Oil, Dish soap, Potatoes, Bread, Peanut Butter, Bagels / Cheese, Lettuce, Doritos, Rice, Beans, Salsa, Lunch Meat, Carrots, Cucumber, Mr Stubbs BBQ

The food was purchased from Fred Meyer here https://www.fredmeyer.com/stores/details/701/00040

Any questions and comments are welcome!