Cheeky Girls

A4 punched and lined paper, folded in half. Vegetarian list which raises a few questions.

Is this person going to buy aloe veras as in multiple plants of that kind or is this something else? Why are they under the section marked green veg (the same could be asked of fruits).

What is defended juice? Could be this

This list has another side to it. On the reverse are names of musical artists. Are these team names, categories, a play list? Further more, do the Cheeky Girls fit into this group?

Morrisons, Reading 4th December 2022

2 thoughts on “Cheeky Girls

  1. Bored and found your great stuff ,first thing that jumps out is it’s a Xmas party playlist;can’t comment on Bon Jove and the girls but middle three would be merry Xmas everybody then I wish it could be Xmas everyday then merry Xmas war is over ?

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