Breathrite or BreathRight

The headline item on this list is Breathrite. Google tells me that this could be either nasal strips like this:

BreathRight for Humans

Or an equine remedy which is “Suitable for horses prone to coughing”.

BreathRite for Horses

This intelligence was gathered with a UK centric view of the internet. Breathrite may be something else in the US where this list was found.

Other items are coffee brav?, ivory Tylenol, dishwasher soap and ‘gentle’ soap.

Ivory Tylenol does not show up on my searches.

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

3 thoughts on “Breathrite or BreathRight

  1. Okay, your secretary is now at work. I was on a well deserved coffe break, sir.

    The word after coffee is oranges. Ivory is a brand of soap (at least in Australia), Tylenol is a brand name for paracetomol, and maybe the gentle soap is for delicate handwashing. We’ll never know, eh?

    1. Mysteries abound! Yes, I agree with your comment, it says oranges, Ivory is soap, Tylenol, you guys don’t have Tylenol? We say it instead of saying acetaminophen/paracetamol. I don’t know the word before soap. All the stuff on these lists can be looked up at and set the store as the La Mesa Neighborhood Market. 🙂

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