Doom Bar Boom Bar

A charming list. Torn spiral bound A5 note paper in biro, two colours indicate later additions for the mysterious ‘m’.

Pizza written 3 times!

It was somebody’s anniversary and they needed a card. There was some travelling to be done as travel sickness tablets were required. A table needed covering. A good range of fruit and veg were sought. There were also so unknown items:

  • Compte
  • Boombar – listed separately to Doom Bar
  • Pom seeds

Sainsbury’s Reading, 2nd July 2022

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

It is the weekend of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum Jubilee in the U.K.

The Friday mentioned on the list is the 2nd June 2022. This person is celebrating by buying:

  • Lunch
  • Nibbles
  • Drinks
  • Water

For other days they need, milk, mushrooms, two types of chocolate with numbers, shortbread and something called ‘gold lustri spray’.

Sainsbury’s, Reading.

2nd June 2022


A gratefully received contribution.

A5 spiral bound note paper, black pen, likely biro. Price comparison of Mini Chedders in the bottom left.

A well rounded list with a mixture of meat, veg, fish and dairy.

What are 44s?

Costco, Reading

1st June 2022

P.S. having never heard of Rooibos, the next day I saw this on the side of a van. I wonder if it the same.

Custard Pots II

Found with its counterpart ‘custard pots’ at Morrisons in Bridport, U.K., this list is in the same hand, on the back of a betting slip but intertwined with a Waitrose receipt for items listed.

Some items are duplicated from the first list but also included are two tins of baked beans, Kellogg’s Fruit and Fibre and some ‘ready baked’ potatoes.

Morrisons & Waitrose, Bridport, 29th May 2022

The Best List Ever?

This is possibly the best shopping list ever.

Items are grouped by food type and proximity to each other in the shop. For example, pizza and Magnums, both from the freezer section. Fruit together. Veg together. Why are peas on their own?

An incredibly well thought through work of logistical brilliance, does the actual layout of the food groups map onto the aisles in the supermarket? Maybe not.

This list is in two pens. Is it in two hands or is the blue text the same person but just writing on a soft surface? Are Bill’s meals for somebody called Bill or is it Bill’s the restaurant chain? Josh is maybe a younger person.


Sainsbury’s, Reading 18th May 2022