Saltine Crackers

Yellow Post-it Note shopping list. The list has been written in several sittings with pen and pencil. There are some cryptic numbers on the right hand side which have been crossed out.

I had not heard of Saltine Crackers in the UK. But, sure enough, here they are:

Walmart Neighborhood Market, La Mesa, California, USA

2 thoughts on “Saltine Crackers

  1. All this crossing out feels like a fine mystery. Perhaps the person used the post-it for a different purpose, before deciding to recycle it as a grocery list. The numbers don’t seem related to the items he’s got there. It looks like he’s counting the amount of months within this date range “2018, 2016, 2017, 2018” (but I’m not sure why they’re not consecutive and 2018 comes back) and wrote “44 months”. I wonder what they were calculating.

  2. 12 + 12 + 12 + 7 months = 43. It does look like the person has written 44 months as a total. Maybe a miscalculation or maybe there was another month they added mentally and not written down. Hmm.

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