There is something poetic about this list.  Written by two people?


Soda water




Red kidney



chops  French 




Found by Kim, donated by Yvonne.

Coles, Myrtleford, Australia 

Wool Wash

Our worthy contributor Yvonne is spreading the word about TheShoppingLists.com and has had the help of her friends Kim and Lily!

They have been to Coles in Myrtleford and found this beauty.

Firstly, I am not sure if it was Kim or Lily who took the photo but what a lovely colourful background.  Secondly, what is the grid on the left hand side with the two holes punched out? Maybe just an idle doodle but maybe something more?

The ingredients on the list point to a stir fry/Asian dish with the oyster sauce, ginger and garlic. Maybe the rice or noodles were already in the cupboard at home.

Coming from the UK, I have a question about Wool Wash, what is it? Is it washing powder for wooden clothes or something else?  Any guidance on this from Australia would be of great help!

Comments below are always appreciated!

Found 17th March 2017

Coles, Mrytleford, Australia

Rosa’s Birthday

This just in from Yvonne, our own very special Australian correspondent (her blog can be found here).
“I was standing in the queue and spotted this list clutched in the fist of the shopper ahead of me. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse (you don’t want to know), and I became the proud owner of the list.
It was at the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford. Cheers!”

There are many points of interest here, it does indeed to appear to be Rosa’s Birthday and Rosa’s will be getting a scarf and card at least – maybe some eggs too? I am not sure if the carpet cleaner is for her.

The ‘Spray and Wipe’ is not a brand we have in the UK, a quick Google shows this: Colgate Ajax Spray n Wipe 

Now, about the wire wool… The list so far is pretty typical with the usual mix of food stuff and cleaning bits, but wire wool? This is a strange addition, maybe a little too strange as the author hastily crossed it off the list shortly after adding it.

The note paper is is great with tea and cakes shown, the handwriting is female. 

Many thanks Yvonne, what did you have to promise to get your hands on this list? Whatever it was, it is much appreciated.

Eggs Rosa, Money, cucumber, potatoes, red onions, cos lettuce, cream x 2, bacon, deodorant, spinach, vanilla, mushrooms, coffee beans, washing power, toilet cleaner, spray n wipe, toilet things, steel wool, dishwasher cleaner, b’day card Rosa, scarf for Rosa, preen carpet cleaner.

Found by Yvonne, Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford, Australia

22nd December 2016

Myrtleford, Australia!

The international debut for http://www.theshoppinglists.com

This list was VERY kindly supplied by Yvonne, she says:

“I found this list in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia on 22 September. Looks like some hearty pea and ham soup is going to be on the menu!”

Cheese, cream, apples, veg’s, dinner, ham hock, split peas.

Thanks Yvonne, if you find any more lists, please keep them coming!