Myrtleford, Australia!

The international debut for

This list was VERY kindly supplied by Yvonne, she says:

“I found this list in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia on 22 September. Looks like some hearty pea and ham soup is going to be on the menu!”

Cheese, cream, apples, veg’s, dinner, ham hock, split peas.

Thanks Yvonne, if you find any more lists, please keep them coming!

7 thoughts on “Myrtleford, Australia!

  1. Milk, mince, some oranges, a good cane, the $ 2.87 red wine (special), toilet paper (soft) 26 c hundred sheets. A toilet seat, herbs, more wine (just in case) A dark chocolate, check out the monster 3meter TV. German cabbage rolls, Shiraz.

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  2. I’m here thanks to Yvonne. I’ll try to find the shopping list the drivers knocked up for our road trip in Burma in 1986. I’m sure I saved it. It’s hilarious.
    And I’m with Gerard—I shop at Aldi’s and I like wine. 🙂


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