Sweet Tooth

An interesting collection including some sugary items including sweets and caramel for coffee.  The samphire will be served with the fish no doubt.

Salmon, blue cheese, ice cream sauces, sweeties, coffee caramel, + colls?, eye makeup remover, carrots, potatoes, fish, samphire, sauce.

Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading.

Found 15th September 2016

6 thoughts on “Sweet Tooth

  1. The salmon and blue cheese and ice cream sauces sound festive! Maybe it’s a dinner party list, with the makeup remover tossed in to remind our list maker to take off his/her face after the party? I like this one!

  2. I have a shopping list for you, but I don’t have Twitter. Is there another way I can send the image to you? (My email address should be in your records, I think.)

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