About The Shopping Lists

TheShoppingLists.com contains records of shopping lists and grocery lists, mostly found in super market trolleys. The lists are left behind by the people who used them.

The shopping lists give an insight to these people and clues about their circumstance.  In many cases it is possible to determine points regarding:

  • Age – are they purchasing Saga magazine, energy drinks?
  • Gender – are there gender specific items?
  • Eating habits and lifestyle – ready meals versus ingredients, vegetarian, sweet tooth?
  • Family situation – are there nappies, school items, meals for one, meals for two?
  • Weather – are there winter warming foods rather than summer salads?
  • Special events – party foods, birthday cakes

To the left or bottom of the page is a word cloud which reveals the popularity of the items listed on the grocery lists. Another word cloud shows the locations and super markets where the shopping lists were found.

You can now submit your own shopping list by tweeting to @tshoppinglists or send an email to TheListCollector@gmail.com.  If you can send an image and also a note saying where and when the list was found or used, that would be perfect.

This site is open to comments.