Whole Rolled Oats – Taste the Diff

This shopping list is a grateful contribution. Thank you

An attempt at interpretation:

  • The list written in maybe two hands, but mostly by one.
  • This person is a ‘crosser outer’, implying that they are somewhat organised. Likely using the list for a longer period of time than a single shopping episode. Crossing items off as they are acquired ahead of a main shop.
  • The main list is likely meant for a visit to Sainsbury’s (Sainsb), with a reference to their quality line, ‘Taste the Difference’.
  • The list has a Halloween reference, ‘stuff and treats’. Maybe for children or visitors to the house.
  • It’s clear that the person prioritizes cooking from scratch with individual ingredients. No frozen or ready meals!
  • The addition of Bristol Cream Sherry suggests a mature resident in the household.
  • There is no red meat or chicken but there is fish, salmon.
  • The owners of the list are somewhat house proud. They have a Espresso coffee machine and a dish waster, which they like to keep clean.
  • The owners are somewhat garden proud also. They like to make sure their lawn is de-mossed before the winter weather comes.
  • The author/s have mostly used pencil, which is more unusual in the genre than you would think.
  • The paper used for the list is branded ‘Codora’ and has strange diagonal perforations across the top left. Interesting.

Many thanks for the contribution!

3rd November 2023

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