Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

It is the weekend of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum Jubilee in the U.K.

The Friday mentioned on the list is the 2nd June 2022. This person is celebrating by buying:

  • Lunch
  • Nibbles
  • Drinks
  • Water

For other days they need, milk, mushrooms, two types of chocolate with numbers, shortbread and something called ‘gold lustri spray’.

Sainsbury’s, Reading.

2nd June 2022


A gratefully received contribution.

A5 spiral bound note paper, black pen, likely biro. Price comparison of Mini Chedders in the bottom left.

A well rounded list with a mixture of meat, veg, fish and dairy.

What are 44s?

Costco, Reading

1st June 2022

P.S. having never heard of Rooibos, the next day I saw this on the side of a van. I wonder if it the same.