Medical Matters

The following list has been supplied by Southampton Old Lady. My apologies for not publishing sooner. She kindly says:

“Not many lists around at the moment but I found this one for your blog, in a Southampton street. Located between two big hospitals. As training hospitals there are many medics and student medics as my guess that this is from a nurse or training medic.

On one side of the list the shopper is going to five different places

1. Drop off prescriptions

2. Superdrug Pantenne (crossed out) shampoo, good conditioner

3. – Ndoes (Indian name might be collect for or a brand name)

4. Just – Mango!

5. Aldi – ricotta, spinach, mango, pesto, sweet soya

Next it could read Back desk of apt. (apartment)
or it could be Book deck of apt. (appointments) followed by a square.

On the other side of the list is:

  • MH
  • Asthma / excavar?
  • Breast examination / gals?????
  • Discover a vasectomy
  • Yesterday – MCF CKS – write up
  • CTS
  • hyperlip??????

Southampton Old Lady”
Found in Southampton 15th February 2017

Comax Sign Language 

Woo, this is a good one. Supplied via Yvonne, this list is another from Comax in Canada.

The list lists:

  • Picture
  • Bank – Thai $$
  • Milk 
  • Pizza

Yvonne says that the picture reference is to get some new glass for a picture, I wonder if this is a photo, print or painting?

The Bank reference is to pick up some Thai dollars for the author’s hairdresser who is shortly to go on holiday to the East.

The milk and pizza are the normal items on this exciting list.

So the question is, what does the sign language say in the picture behind the list???

Found in Aldi, Comax, British Columbia, Canada

Wool Wash

Our worthy contributor Yvonne is spreading the word about and has had the help of her friends Kim and Lily!

They have been to Coles in Myrtleford and found this beauty.

Firstly, I am not sure if it was Kim or Lily who took the photo but what a lovely colourful background.  Secondly, what is the grid on the left hand side with the two holes punched out? Maybe just an idle doodle but maybe something more?

The ingredients on the list point to a stir fry/Asian dish with the oyster sauce, ginger and garlic. Maybe the rice or noodles were already in the cupboard at home.

Coming from the UK, I have a question about Wool Wash, what is it? Is it washing powder for wooden clothes or something else?  Any guidance on this from Australia would be of great help!

Comments below are always appreciated!

Found 17th March 2017

Coles, Mrytleford, Australia

Salad, Tomato, Heartburn

I would guess that this shopper works for and nipped out at lunch time to get the groceries after jotting down the essentials on a company note pad.

 A pretty normal list but one could question the juxtaposition. Salad, tomato, heart burn. Toilet Roll, Gravy.

The list could be for a multigenerational family, Horlicks, marmalade and the old fashioned ‘f’ suggest somebody of a certain age but then there are some contemporary items like stir fry and smoothies. Mmm.

Found Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading

26th September 2016

Thanks LadyMissB20

LadyMissB20 has kindly found and shared the below list.  This is one of two to be published.

She says, “I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw my first list but to find a second so soon after was amazing! I saw it folded up and picked it up and took it away without even looking at it, as the security guard was already looking at me oddly for the time I was taking at the self-service checkout!”

The coke, crisps, and bag of ice suggests items for a party, maybe a children’s party. The Dairy milk could be part of that too. 

Pineapple and 2 lots of macaroni don’t fit in to the party theme, although the pineapple could be used a la 1970’s with chunks of pineapple and cheese on cocktail sticks and stuck into an orange! 

Found at Morrison’s, Livingston 17.01.17″

LadyMissB20 List Number 2

 Our kind contributor says:

“items are mackerel, salad leaves, tomatoes, mini mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms, pine nuts. List has been written on a small post it note. Maybe a last minute list before leaving work to get items on way home but the writing is quite neat.

This suggests to me someone who is trying to eat healthily.
Looks like a one meal shop.They are probably going to have a salad with mackerel, sun dried tomatoes, peppers, the mini mozzarella and possibly the pine nuts. I wouldn’t personally put mushrooms in a salad, but others might.

Found at Lidl, Livingston, 16.01.17”