Salad, Tomato, Heartburn

I would guess that this shopper works for and nipped out at lunch time to get the groceries after jotting down the essentials on a company note pad.

 A pretty normal list but one could question the juxtaposition. Salad, tomato, heart burn. Toilet Roll, Gravy.

The list could be for a multigenerational family, Horlicks, marmalade and the old fashioned ‘f’ suggest somebody of a certain age but then there are some contemporary items like stir fry and smoothies. Mmm.

Found Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading

26th September 2016

7 thoughts on “Salad, Tomato, Heartburn

  1. And, they’re going to pick up a cat (small) as well as all the groceries! 🙂 And, have a spot of surgery, it seems.

    I’m so glad you were inspired to start this unique blog, our shopping lists are a many splendoured thing.

  2. List Collector, dear, this one has already been reviewed! Look at “Prescription Car Tax”! Always good to have another perspective and see the things I missed!

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