Wool Wash

Our worthy contributor Yvonne is spreading the word about TheShoppingLists.com and has had the help of her friends Kim and Lily!

They have been to Coles in Myrtleford and found this beauty.

Firstly, I am not sure if it was Kim or Lily who took the photo but what a lovely colourful background.  Secondly, what is the grid on the left hand side with the two holes punched out? Maybe just an idle doodle but maybe something more?

The ingredients on the list point to a stir fry/Asian dish with the oyster sauce, ginger and garlic. Maybe the rice or noodles were already in the cupboard at home.

Coming from the UK, I have a question about Wool Wash, what is it? Is it washing powder for wooden clothes or something else?  Any guidance on this from Australia would be of great help!

Comments below are always appreciated!

Found 17th March 2017

Coles, Mrytleford, Australia

5 thoughts on “Wool Wash

  1. I wish I could go to that shopper’s home for the stir fry! I’ve passed on this post to Kim and Lily, who have now found world fame. I hope they’ll comtinue to be as humble as they previously were. 😊 They’re taking care of my nice cat while I’m swanning around Italy.

    Yes, I think Wool Wash is a special type of soap for woolen stuff. I guess this shopper is getting ready for winter already.

  2. Wool Wash is a product from NIKWAX. They make a lot of cool products for non-standard (i.e., not cotton or polyester) clothing and outdoor gear, like sleeping bags, which is how I found them. My sleeping bag was stinky stinky stinky but it wouldn’t fit in any washing machine in the world so I didn’t know what to do. The good folks at REI told me about NIKWAX.

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