Fish for Dogs

I did not know that dogs ate fish.

Cats are famous for liking fish. Cats are also famous for not liking water. The question therefore is how, pre-domestication, did cats come across their fishy feasts to develop such a taste?

Pleasant little list on half a sheet of ruled A5 paper. A clear hand with some essentials. Interesting that there is a ‘big yog’ and ‘yog’. I am not sure what ‘Red On’ is, or Keiti.

I am not sure what Keiti is, will it be this? Maybe I am reading the word incorrectly. Could it be Keith?

Morrisons, Reading, UK, December 2022

5 thoughts on “Fish for Dogs

  1. I think the k item could be keifer, and the big yog and yog, could be yoghurt that is sold in a bigger tub (32 oz) and also get yoghurt sold in smaller servings (6 oz).

  2. Hmm…just realized keifer wouldn’t be in the nail polish section, though – should be with milk on the list. Oh, and I’m misspelling kefir. Scratch that.

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