Grocery List Collection From The USA

I am very pleased to say that has received its largest ever donation of found shopping lists. What is more, this is an award winning collection.

The lists have come from La Mesa in California and have been kindly donated by Loraine who got in touch via email.

This grocery list collection was entered in to the collections exhibit at The San Diego County Fair and won first prize in the new collections category. In her own words, Loraine says:

These shopping lists were collected from July 2019 until the Summer of 2020. It started when I kept finding discarded grocery store shopping lists at my local Walmart Neighborhood in La Mesa. I enjoyed seeing bits of people’s personalities and figured I better start saving them to make a collection for the San Diego County Fair.

Whenever I would go to that store I would look around the parking lot, often finding one or two lists either on the ground or left in a shopping cart.

After the pandemic started, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep picking them up, but I didn’t have to worry much because I soon stopped finding them. I’m curious as to why that was. I have held on to these lists for these past two years, until now.

In total there are 72 lists, all from Walmart Neighborhood in La Mesa.

These very special shopping lists will be posted here over the coming months. There are some gems to look forward to.

Thank you so much Loraine!

You can see some of Loraine’s photography portfolio on Instagram here:

If you also have some shopping lists you wish to share, please get in touch via the email address here.