Medical Matters

The following list has been supplied by Southampton Old Lady. My apologies for not publishing sooner. She kindly says:

“Not many lists around at the moment but I found this one for your blog, in a Southampton street. Located between two big hospitals. As training hospitals there are many medics and student medics as my guess that this is from a nurse or training medic.

On one side of the list the shopper is going to five different places

1. Drop off prescriptions

2. Superdrug Pantenne (crossed out) shampoo, good conditioner

3. – Ndoes (Indian name might be collect for or a brand name)

4. Just – Mango!

5. Aldi – ricotta, spinach, mango, pesto, sweet soya

Next it could read Back desk of apt. (apartment)
or it could be Book deck of apt. (appointments) followed by a square.

On the other side of the list is:

  • MH
  • Asthma / excavar?
  • Breast examination / gals?????
  • Discover a vasectomy
  • Yesterday – MCF CKS – write up
  • CTS
  • hyperlip??????

Southampton Old Lady”
Found in Southampton 15th February 2017

4 thoughts on “Medical Matters

  1. Ooh, the medical bits are right up my alley, I spent years deciphering medical writing!

    So: MCF could be Macrophage Chemotactic Factor. This is a substance released to attract macrophages (white blood cells that attack foreign protein)

    CKS could be Creatinine Kinase Serum. This is an enzyme that is released from the heart muscle when it’s damaged, and is an indicator of an infarction. (It is also released in other conditions.)

    Hyperlipidaemia is basically elevated lipid (fat/cholesterol) levels in the blood

    At the top: asthma excema

    Breast exam Galactorrhoea .. milky secretion from the breast, not associated with breast feeding

    That was fun! Thanks, Southhampton Oldish Lady 🙂

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