Doom Bar Boom Bar

A charming list. Torn spiral bound A5 note paper in biro, two colours indicate later additions for the mysterious ‘m’.

Pizza written 3 times!

It was somebody’s anniversary and they needed a card. There was some travelling to be done as travel sickness tablets were required. A table needed covering. A good range of fruit and veg were sought. There were also so unknown items:

  • Compte
  • Boombar – listed separately to Doom Bar
  • Pom seeds

Sainsbury’s Reading, 2nd July 2022

Angela Snacks



1 Milk is added twice.  Is this 2 Milks or did the person forgot that by the time they reached item 9 that item 2 was milk?

Other questions include, what is Cat – met?

Also, what is A/M?

This is not a main shop but rather a mid sized top up visit to the supermarket.  There was Scampi, chips and peas on the menu that night for sure.




Take A Break Puzzle Selection – Issue 8

Prescription, toilet roll, kitchen roll, tissues, Daz, pads, bread, milk, biscuits, McVities, rich tea, sausage rolls, pies, chicken bits, spuds, sweets, chips, fish, lamb bits (frozen bag), tv mag, chat crosswords issue 24Y, take a break puzzle selection issue 8.

Found at Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading.

5th August 2016