Shopping List from Dudley

This list was very kindly donated by Matt from Dudley.

Firstly, pink pen and beautiful cursive script is not a common occurrence in the world of shopping lists. A colourful and welcome addition.

Secondly, the reader of the post on tittles will notice the circle above the first letter i. Circles are replaced by dots further down.

On apostrophes, there is ‘Choc’s’ and ‘Dogs Food’.

Other items include some staples including crisps, gravy, biscuits, cheese and jam. What is slightly unexpected are the ‘bum wipes’ and two types of shampoo.

What a great list. Thank you Matt!

10th September, Aldi, Dudley

2 thoughts on “Shopping List from Dudley

    1. I guess it is a record of social history that tracks what we buy and consume. Little snapshots of our modern lives which are seldom shared.

      Thanks for looking at the blog, I would be super happy if you could share it on social. I can post some of your lists if you would like to share any!

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