Tittles – The Dots on Letters i and j

Some people, instead of using a simple dot above the Latin letters i and j, use full blown circles. The owner of this list was one of those people.

Did you know, this tiny, little superscript dot has a name? It is called a tittle.


The tittle on milk is nearly a heart. The tittles on high juice are just the start of circles. The tittles on Pinot Grigio are more fully formed. The tittle on veggie burgers is an ambitious galaxy of a swirl.

Morrisons Bridport, U.K.

16th July 2022

7 thoughts on “Tittles – The Dots on Letters i and j

  1. It does make you wonder what a psychiatrist or writing expert would say about this one’s personality with those full-on circles dotting the i and j…..hmmmmm……

  2. A friend of mine used to write like this when we were 12 with dots and hearts above their i’s and j’s – I think it means they are youthful/childish/idealistic

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