Maris Piper

She wrote Maris Piper, he was confused or thought she was too pernickety and appended ‘spuds’? Different hand?

What else is happening here? A roast? A pickling session? Making chutney?

 Maris piper spuds, veg, cauliflower cheese, vinegar, smoked streaky bacon, bag sugar, Yorkshires.

Found Morrisons, Reading

October 2016

4 thoughts on “Maris Piper

  1. A roast dinner – Maris Piper is best for roast potatoes. If there’s Yorkshire puddings then it is usually roast beef but people also have them with lamb these days, the vinegar might be to make their own mint-sauce, perhaps the streaky bacon is to wrap around chipolata sausages to make “pigs in blankets”

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