Split Peas

What are these numbers?  This list was found by Steve and he thinks they could be a running total of the prices.

What else do we know?  This list was taken from a spiral bound notepad which has been cut vertically.  The list was written by more that one person, compare BLACK BAGS with Bananas, not only capitalisation but also a difference in the Bs.

This person is a crosser offer.  They have bought no meat, a vegetarian?  Actually there is some ham near the end.

The addition of the newspaper on the list suggest a weekly newspaper rather than a daily.  This fits as Steve found the list on a Sunday

Milk, choc spread, sweet pots, pots, frozen fruit, fruit, toms, orange juice, newspaper, black bags, bananas, rice, shampoo, sensodyne, shower gel, cheese, ham, split peas, shampoo.

Found by Steve in Sainsbury’s in Tadley.

23rd October 2016

4 thoughts on “Split Peas

  1. Steve, who found the list asks

    “I would also like to know if the first few items, where there is a price but no item mentioned, is impulse buying or regular purchases that do not need to be listed. And why did they leave a gap at the top? Was it a placeholder? Too many mysteries around this one.”

    Would anybody like to offer an opinion here?

  2. Yep a running total – they must have a Sainsbury’s voucher £6 off a £30 spend – you always go a bit over just in case. I guess the extra things they picked up were yellow-stickered items too good to miss. I shop in a similar way if I have a money off voucher, but I do it in my head and do it to the nearest 25p

  3. There are 19 items on the list and 19 lines as they keep the running total, so they seem to match up. They might just have started further up the page as they didn’t think they would have enough room to list the prices. Not sure why they didn’t start their list at the top of the page though.

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