Dolly Bics

Nice list with the basics.  Some points of interest however, Dolly Bics?  Is Dolly a dog do we think?  These are underlined so important.

Also, is the last line trainers?  Maybe not as these would be a strange purchase at Morrisons.

Eggs, milk, fish, toms, veg, quiche, jacket pot, batter mix, W U Liq, Dolly Bics, Trainers?

Found Morrisons, Reading

29th September 2016

5 thoughts on “Dolly Bics

  1. I also read it as ‘trainers’ – there is a line between the word and the rest of the list so it might mean popping into another shop near – or a reminder to wear trainers – after hearing the weather forecast. It might also read ‘training’? I wondered what the about the ringed numbers – could it be £13.60?

      1. I certainly am – I was saying the other day how Samuel Pepys diaries are so interesting because he wrote very ordinary things about the day – what he had for lunch, how much he paid for things etc. So I think common lists are so important – I love how Derrick Knight always rounds off his post with what he had for dinner.

  2. I think that the line is a dividing line between 2 shops or 2 activities rather than underlining the Dolly Bics. Although they are indeed important, as Dolly, I think is definitely a doggy and a doggy’s biscuits are very important!
    Eggs, milk and batter mix – making Yorkshire puds maybe, although it doesn’t fit with any other purchases.

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