Prescription Tax Car

A varied list, this one. Reminders to do other things as well as shopping.

Starts off with a reminder to pick up a prescription and tax the car (could hint to a non-internet savvy person, as most people I know now tax their car online – does anyone else still go to the post office to do it?)

Heartburn – presumably a reminder to get medication to help with heartburn

Then onto the foodstuffs and household items. No identifiable meal here, more a general shop.

I like how they kind of group similar items together so that they are not going back to the same aisle several times. A logical person.

Salad items (tomato, onion)

Meats (chicken/ham)

Dairy items (milk, yoghurt/rice, smoothie) milk scored out once, then maybe they checked and realised that they did need it!

Hot drinks (tea, horlicks)

Slightly worrying that they can’t spell toilet! And that they put gravy on the list next to toilet roll!

Any idea what the last word is though? Looks like “surfing”.

This list was kindly described by guest contributor LadyMissB20.

Many thanks!

Found Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading

26th September 2016


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