Compost Bags and Bread Sticks

This could be described as a mixed list.

It looks like it is written on a piece of water colour paper or heavily textured writing paper, itself unusual in the genre.

The items here are not natural bed fellows. Stock, masking tape, compost bags and breadsticks are followed spread, jam and oats.

Further down the list are hairbands and chips, then a horizontal line indicates the point where I can no longer decipher what is written.

The natural thing to do is to place these words into an automatic poem generator.

This is the result:

Where are the misty hair clips?
Travel roughly like warm oats.
All hair clips desire old, big compost bags breadsticks and spread.
Sunny, rainy hair clips calmly pull some cold, cold masking tape.
Endurance, endurance, and courage.


This poem was generated by:

Sainsbury’s, Calcot, Reading, 9th July 2022

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