Choc Twist

Choc Twist

Donated by a generous benefactor, this list has 11 items excluding mysterious line 8 which has been crossed out.  I believe it may say ‘ice cre’ but I may be mistaken.

I would suggest the list was written in three sections at different times.  Down to Evian is all capitalised, then comes the crossed off item in what looks to be lower case and then there is the third contribution in different pen.

This list is very Summery, you will not see these items listed in a few months time (unless you are in the southern hemisphere).


Donated on 20th August 2017

Waiting on loaction


6 thoughts on “Choc Twist

  1. Well, there you are Prodigal Blogger. I’ve missed you.

    I’ve been MIA also, maybe you’ve inspired me to get back on the bicycle.

  2. I’m glad you’re back. I’ve missed your lists and witty commentary. As for the list itself, maybe it was written by three different personalities in the same body? Just a thought. 🙂

  3. carbohydrate heavy with two different types of cereal and french bread.
    I think the crossed out item is “ice” something – maybe ice cubes as they are getting limes and lemons for their gin!

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