Behind the Altar in a Church

This list was very kindly contributed by Peter BC.

Now this is beyond the banalities of the regular supermarket trolley.  This list was found in a church!

Peter says he was moving the altar in a small church in Lincolnshire last Sunday when he found this shopping list.

What can we say:

Written on the back of an envelope which originally came from Mole Country Stores in Devon:

Mole Valley Farmers Ltd
Moorland House
Station Road
South Molton
EX36 3BH

The list was written in red pen – maybe a teacher?

The handwriting is neat and formal, probably that of an older person. The slight shakiness might reinforce this point of view.  Maybe a retired teacher.

Listed are:

Marmite, Scotch Eggs, Coleslaw and Cooked Meat.

This are all tea time or picnic ingredients.

Thank you so much to Peter!


8 thoughts on “Behind the Altar in a Church

  1. Marmite has been on many people’s list this last week, there was a shortage because of the sudden drop in the pound – it appears that this very British item is no longer made in Britain! If the letter was from Mole Valley Farmers Ltd – perhaps this person gets grain delivered, they might have a horse or be a farmer

    1. I like to think that this list was lost by a Miss Marple type character whilst sorting out the flowers for church in 1982. The list would not have been for Tesco but rather for the village shop.

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