Joey Bags

Another kind contribution from Southampton Old Lady, she says:

I went to Bristol at the week-end and found this colourful list on some street art (viewed from the bridge on Park Street towards the Hatchet Inn) – don’t know if its within your rules, but I would love to know more about the person who wrote it.

I don’t know what Joey Bags are – on a Google search they could be 1. handy-sized plastic skips, 2. man-bags aka Joey from Friends or 3. recycled tweed bags designed by Joey D – 4. It could be the slang name for artist himself. Although I think that he is Silent Hobo (one of three Indigo Babies pictured – probably the one in the hat).

Southampton Old Lady (Sol)

Eggs, milk, joey bags

Found in Bristol, 15th October 2016

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