Kitchen Soap

This person is a crosser-offer, it seems all items were obtained bar the first two.  

No vegetables on this shopping list but plenty of fruit.
The usual staples procured, bread, cheese, milk, eggs. Pizza and curry on the menu. 

Male or female?

Toilet paper, tomato sauce, curry, milk, potatoes, fruit, bananas, apples, grapes, bread, ham, eggs, sausages, butter, ice creams, pizza, cream cheese, tena 40, kitchen soap, squash.

Found Aldi, Reading.

27th August 2016

One thought on “Kitchen Soap

  1. Female. – ‘Tena 40′ are ladies’ incontinence pants. She could be elderly, caring for an elderly woman or using them temporarily after pregnancy or an operation. The style of the E in eggs suggests she has literary or artistic interests.

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