Crumble Mix and Custard

Crumble mix, custard, small puds, spray clean with bleach, baking soda, margarine, cheese, sausages, coke.

Somebody who bakes their own cakes. Has a sweet tooth. Having sausages for dinner. This is not a big weekly shop, rather a top up for required items.

Found Morrisons, Reading

August 11th 2016

3 thoughts on “Crumble Mix and Custard

  1. It is so easy to make your own crumble – mixed fat with flour add sugar plonk it on top of cooked fruit – This person has not much energy for cooking and is more obsessed with keeping the kitchen clean – might be a working mum – she is looking for something ready made for the kids dinner – if not there is always sausages, and she is wondering whether to use the voucher for cola.


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