Bungee Glue Gum

Wet wipes, mushy peas, vinegar, Nando’s sauce, Pepsi Max, Branston Pickle, Coffee, sugar, crunchy nut cornflakes, lettuce, carrots, margarine, cucumber, soft cheese, bungee glue gum, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, alda, fish food, 3 or 4 chicken joints.

There are a number of items of interest here. What is bungee glue gum? Alda?

This person likes their condiments, keep fish, will be having salad at some point and has crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast. 

Found Tesco, Reading.

10th August 2016

One thought on “Bungee Glue Gum

  1. I think that this is circled as it will be from a different store if not found – bungee (to fit a load onto a car) and a glue gun for hobbies or general house repairs. Alda is perhaps the name of her daughter or her daughter’s fish for whom the fish food is for.

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