Posh Coffee

Cat food, cat litter, fruit juice, milk, tinned fruit and evap, posh coffee, bleach, disinfectant.

Such a short list but what a pleasure. 

What is posh coffee, are we talking Nescafé gold blend here?

Tinned fruit and evap is a new combination, this is the first time I have seen evaporated milk on a list.

Found Morrisons, Reading

12 August 2016

4 thoughts on “Posh Coffee

  1. You have your ordinary Nescafe, but posh coffee is for the percolator which gives off a lovely aroma – so someone important is expected (perhaps to buy their house). We always have tinned fruit with evaporated milk – a quick dessert that can be eaten at any time and not make a mess of the kitchen. They are obviously worried about cleaning the smells of the cat away.

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