A Pink List: Spagbol Sauce

Good to see such a pink pink. Here goes:

Nacho crisps, bacon, onion, dip – salsa, spagbol sauce, mince, tomato purée, pasta, pet food, cleaner spray, wipes, garlic bread, carpet cleaner.
Certainly bolognese on the menu.  This is pretty much a one meal shopping list with a few other bits thrown in.

Other pink lists include:


Found Morrisons, Reading

11th August 2016

5 thoughts on “A Pink List: Spagbol Sauce

  1. Hi Foodinbooks, you are now all set up as a contributor here. I have a great (big) list for you to look at so there should be plenty to get your teeth into. Let me know if you can see it and wish to write something?

    Many thanks!


  2. This could possibly be two nights Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread on one night then using leftovers turn it into Mexican-style meal the next night and add nachos, dips and salsas. Realising it can be messy – don’t forget the carpet cleaner and wipes. Bacon for the morning sandwiches in between


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