Pink Bleach

Apples, satsumas, salmon, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, orange, crisps, antiseptic wipes, surf, conditioner, blue milk, orange juice, fizzy, lemonade, eggs, bread, crusty bread, BBQ sauce, mustard, bleach, toilet roll, kitchen roll, benecol, yoghurts, extra ham, salami, steam fresh?, lollies, prawns.

This is a big weekly shop. Salad on the menu. Maybe children are involved as there are lollies listed.

What is steamfresh?

Found Tesco, Reading

9th August 2016

Red Onions

Red onions, potatoes, flour, milk, orange, butter, flowers!

The ! after the flowers indicates a flourish of happiness. Maybe an after thought to brighten up the house on a spring day.

Found Morrisons, Reading.

11th April 2013