Lamb Chops, Cabbage & Gravy

Lamb chops, gravy, cabbage, yoghurts.

A one meal shopping list.  I guess the potatoes are already at home.  Yoghurt for afters.

Found Aldi, Reading.

27th August 2016


Sunday Roast

New potatoes, apples, bananas, oranges, cabbage, bread, eggs, corned beef, baked beans, ketchup, joint, bacon, ham, cheese spread, yorkshires, tea bags, cream crackers, toilet rolls, bleach, wet wipes, spray, bowns?, tablets.

The joint of meat and the Yorshire puddings suggest a roast dinner. Maybe there were other potatoes in the house as the new potatoes here might not be ideal for roasting.

Non food items have their own column.

Found Morrisons, Reading.

22nd July 2016