Custard Pots

Written on the back of a BetFred betting slip, blank. Black biro. Odd mix of capital and lower case letters. Six items for a small top up shop. Dairy heavy, no fruit or veg.

Morrisons, Bridport. 29th May 2022

2 thoughts on “Custard Pots

  1. I see more than 6 items, and some fruit and veg. Maybe we’re looking at different lists?

    Brr, winter is coming in with a bang here in Australia. My cat and I don’t really have to go out, but we both have to.

    1. Oh, no, I made a big mistake. You will see why when I post the next list, which was found at the same time as this one. I will do that now.

      Summer is starting here in Northern Europe. Thankfully. It has been cold, dark and damp for what seems like years. Now it is at lest cold, light and damp.

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