Up on a cliff top

I found this list by a bench high up on a cliff on the Dorset coast.

There was a scrap of folded paper laying on the ground which I opened up and low and behold it was a shopping list.

It is a rather short shopping list. Maybe breakfast essentials for some holiday makers in the area.

4 thoughts on “Up on a cliff top

  1. I like that little water stained list, and I want a pad with those little busy bees.

    I am going to reblog this; it’s too cute not to share.

  2. Hi

    When I clicked on the link to your most recent list Trousers, I got the dreaded Error 404 message.

    Anyhow, the first 2 items are suppositories and dulcolax; someone has a problem with elimination!

    1. I have had a look and the 404 error does not appear for me so hopefully things fixed themselves. Thanks for spotting this and also for deciphering the items on the list.

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