Christmas Eve Gift

This list was very kindly donated by Peter ( Peter who previously found a shopping list behind an altar).  Some Christmas items here including a gift and cranberry sauce. 
Are the items crossed out ones which were purchased or ones which were not required.
Salsa, doritos, bread, peas, kitchen roll, cranbury, mint sauce, hash browns, mustard, signature fish?, xmas eve gift, scratch card, electric £15.

Found in Aldi in Grantham, Christmas Eve, 24th December 2016

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Gift

  1. I like how the handwriting deteriorates toward the bottom, as though the stresses of Christmas and buying a last minute X-mas eve gift have sent the list-writer around the bend. 🙂

  2. The spelling of stationary reminds me of a sign at a greengrocers, advertising Pommy-granites. (You probably know that in Australia, we call you Brits Pommies, for some reason.)

    I think that is Signature sushi, does that sound familiar?

  3. I love the anglicised spelling – which gives a whole new image to ‘Cranbury Sauce’.
    Then money seems to be slipping from the fingers for the electricity and Christmas gift, better get a scratch card per chance to win some…

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