The Shopping Lists Addict


p1170660 Shopping List found at Aldi, Southampton

Bread, milk eggs, meat for stew, steaks, double cream, blue eggs (trendy tinted ones?), cauliflower and/or broccoli, pointed peppers,  bottle of Merlot wine, 5-6 pots of heather (lovingly doodled).

Further to my Confessions of a yellow-sticker shopper(two posts back – or click here) – I have become addicted to a wonderful new blog called The Shopping Lists (click to visit if you dare – you may become addicted too!)

The site records scribbled, shopping lists, mostly those left behind in supermarket trolleys.

The Shopping Lists tries to piece together what these people are like via their eating habits and lifestyles. Comments are encouraged offering answers to clues about the shopper’s circumstance.  What’s the meal and how many are they cooking for?  What age, gender, time of year ? – Is it a party?

I have spent the last few evenings playing detective with…

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4 thoughts on “The Shopping Lists Addict

    1. I have set you up as a contributor and have made a draft blog for you with a huge shopping list – plenty to talk about. I am not sure how this becomes visible to you though. You should be able to see it some how. I will have a quick google on the subject now.

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      1. Or… Send me an email to and I will respond with the picture of the list. You can then either write something on your own blog which I will re-blog… or send me the text you wish to write and I will post for you here and give you full credit and a link back to your blog. I am happy with any route!


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