Scotland Wagamama

This shopping list has kindly be donated from contributor in Livingston, Scotland.

She says she found it whilst walking her dog – nowhere near a shop. The list has normal items with a good amount of fruit and veg. Burgers and rolls, lettuce, tinned tomatoes, yoghurt…

On the rear of the shopping lists is a meal planner for 5 days. Sure enough, there are the burgers again. The kidney beans mentioned on the front side no doubt find a home with the chilli and rice. I can’t read the 2nd or 3rd item.

Wagamama’s could be a night out or could be a branded item from the supermarket. For example Morrisons sell Wagamama’s meal kits and ingredients like this.

Maybe the contributor could help decipher items 2 and 3 above???

Nowhere near a supermarket, Livingston, Scotland. November 2022

2 thoughts on “Scotland Wagamama

  1. I think item 2 is Biggar, which is a town in Lanarkshire about 20 miles from Livingston, so they may have been going there for dinner on the Tuesday (assuming that this is the meal plan for tge week with Burgers being Monday).
    Item 3, I think, is chicken and potatoes.

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